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Outbound campaigns

Outbound campaigns


Sales calls / Telemarketing

  • We give you the opportunity to reach the maximum number of potential customers and present your products and services.
  • Our telesales agents will contribute to achieving your business goals - to increase your turnover and number of customers, and at the same time to reduce your operating costs.

Organization of business meetings

  • We can conduct campaigns to identify your potential customers, to provoke an initial interest in your services and products and to organize business meetings of your sales representatives.
  • The effectiveness of your salespeople will be increased, as well as your turnover and the number of your new customers. We will save you time and money.
  • Telemarketing surveys

We are able:
- to conduct market research and public opinion polling over the phone.
- to contact your customers and find out how they think.
- to improve the way your products are accepted and to increase your brand recognisability.

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